Welcome to my personal web page.

I am an independent software consultant. I program mostly in csharp (C#) these days, but I have extensive experience in Visual Basic and I have programmed professionally in Java as well. I also have a number of hobbies - too many in fact. I enjoy combining them and I sometimes create software programs related to them. 

I want to share my experiences with others and even encouraging others to use my notes, white papers and software (for free). So this is where I am posting information and programs that I think will be useful.

Here are some links to pages where I have posted notes on projects related to these hobbies. Well, so far the only one I have posted on is 3D photography, but that will get us started. Click the link to see the page.

BUT - if you got here, you might be more interested in me personally than my company. since I am not doing much with it these days. Feel free to browse to any of the following:

From here you can also get to the
Legislator Message Web Site.